One student comments, "To really understand Nia, you have to experience it." It is true. How do you explain something that is so personal to each individual and their movement needs, as the body listens and respond to the music, moving in its own unique way?

Nia combines dance-based movements to help heal the body, spirit, mind and emotions. It's a fusion of healing arts, marital arts, and dance arts together in a fitness routine that produces results in all areas of life including: a new love and respect for the body, help with Debbie Rosas leading a Nia Classweight loss and maintenance, improved flexibility, stability, mobility, strength and agility, more endurance, stress reduction, improved posture, better concentration and the list goes on and on.

The Nia Story

Beginning in 1983, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas combined their knowledge of the fitness industry and created a new and less painful way to work out and keep fit. Debbie, a fitness instructor, was tired of having increasing sports related issues, prompting her and Carlos to research and develop an alternative method of fitness for the body. This new method included aerobic exercise, strength training, and non impact movement delivered with safety and the ability for patrons to 'move your body's way'. Over the next thirteen years The Nia Technique was perfected, creating a shift toward fusion fitness - the combining of more than one type of fitness in a routine.

Taking the obsession of physical results out of the exercise, and concentrating more on tuning into the needs of the body, mind, spirit and emotions - athletes, dancers, and casual exercises embraced the new Nia Technique and teachings because it felt good to dance and listen to the body. Gone were the feelings of the guilt-ridden "no pain, no gain" one-dimensional exercising. Instead classes became a mind-body connection and thirty years later, Nia has been perfected and continues to be both therapeutic and fun.

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