Airdrie residents have a wonderful way to get fit and experience the Joy of Movement with Nia classes in Airdrie (celebrating our fourth year!), led by Licensed Blue Belt Nia Teacher, Patricia Atchison. Classes began for the first time in Airdrie in September 2014 at the Golden Rod Community Hall. As one student exclaimed, "To really understand Nia, you have to experience a class. There is no better way to explain it, than to participate in it."Airdrie Nia Classes

Nia combines movements and concepts from Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts into dynamic, fun-filled hour-long routines set to a vast array of beautiful music. People who practice Nia enjoy increased strength, flexibility and range of motion, as well as greater power, balance and comfort in the body. The joy of Nia is that it is available for anyone of any fitness level and body shape to be able to experience.

Patricia offers Nia dance fitness through Fall, Winter and Spring sessions in Airdrie. Sometimes special events are offered, such as Nia in the Park, please visit our facebook page to learn about exciting events:
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