Nia is a gentle, graceful, and powerful cardiovascular movement, which focuses on awakening and empowering your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Nia integrates Western dance such as Modern, Jazz and Duncan dance, with Western Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, AikidoAirdrie Nia Classes, and Tai-Kwon-Do, and also incorporates the powerful, conscious postures of Yoga. This systemic, exhilarating, non-impact aerobic workout is ideal for all ages and fitness levels, beginner to advanced. No previous dance experience is required. Come and have fun! Let's fill the space with joy and movement YOUR body's way.

Anyone of any fitness level and body type age 16 and over is welcome.

We dance barefoot. If you need to wear runners for specific reasons, please bring a pair of indoor runners for the hall space.

At the end of our classes, we do a few minutes of floor play (not work), you are invited to try floor dance and can bring a yoga mat if you desire. As you are moving your body's way, you are not required to be on the floor, Patricia will help you do similar moves in a standing (or seated) position.

Bring water and a towel if you wish. Wear comfortable, light clothing.